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The blessings of Abraham are timeless, and you too can activate the dormant blessings in you and begin to live the amazing life that you should. In his book, “Activating the Blessing of Abraham”, Author TD Brewer challenges you to learn how to escape the defeated thoughts and vocabulary of yesterday.  He challenges you to harness the power of the spoken word and create the life that you desire. 


Using the timeless wisdom of the Bible, Brewer reminds us all that our thoughts eventually become our realities, and shares how we can experience victory, breakthrough, and peace in the affairs of life through the power of God’s blessings and the spoken word. 

You will learn to bless yourself, family, friends, and business. You will learn that words are powerful things that create good or evil experiences, and will learn how to use your words to create an atmosphere of heaven on earth, and an atmosphere for miracles and supernatural encounters.


Get ready for an improved self-worth; get ready for improvements in your marriage and children’s behavior and the restoration of failed relationships; and get ready for unexpected bonuses and pay raises.

Get ready because the blessings of Abraham are coming upon you.

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  1. Great Book

    Posted by Dion on Apr 14th 2017

    A great guide to understanding the power of your words. I have read many books on positive attitude and speaking, but this one actually teaches the words that creates change.

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