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An influential public speaker, pastor, inventor, successful author and entrepreneur, who inspires people to transform their lives from within. He has been called an idea strategist, barrier breaker, life enthusiast, and master blessing teacher. His works have been responsible for transforming lives, creating personal and professional success stories, and for saving many from the pains and torments of depression and hopelessness.

He has a refreshing and liberating perspective, bases his teachings on the Hebrew writings of the Bible, and his direct and compassionate approach generates successful responses from audiences across America. 

He grew up poor and went on a journey of Bible research and self-discovery to overcome poverty. Because of his childhood experience, he is deeply passionate about equipping others with the tools necessary to live a healthy, happy, and prosperous life. He wants nothing more than to see others live a life of victory, and get the upper hand over life's circumstances, just like he did.