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Showcase Your Work Cost Effectively and Fast! 

Welcome to the Gold Coast Publishers’ website! 

Are you an ambitious author looking for a quick and affordable way to publish your work and showcase your creativity? 

Do you want to see your profitable work published fast, without having to wait for an agent or publisher to give you the green light? 

We can help! 

With over a decade of experience in the self-publishing field, we have helped thousands of Indy writers and authors to achieve their dreams and goals. 

It is our aim to help artists grow and be successful and there is nothing that makes us happier than being part of that success. 

Entrust Your Work with the Best Through Every Step of the Publishing Process! 

Whether for paperbacks or e-Books, our dedicated team is ready to handle all your requirements and assist you with unmatched professionalism and efficiency in all aspects of your work’s publication, from start to finish: 

 Custom Cover Design 

 Print Ready Manuscript 

 Copyright Registration 

 Bawker Registration 

 ISBN & Bar Code Creation 

 Complete, End-to-End Shipping 

What is more, you can take advantage of our additional services and 

 Sell your book through our site 

 Pick & Ship (we do the work, you collect the profits!) 

Save Money and Print Your Book, Stress-Free! 

Do you already have the manuscript and cover art, but are in need of affordable printing solutions that won’t break the bank? 

Let us help! 

Gold Coast Publishing offers top notch printing services at the best prices on the market! 

Don’t have a cover art yet? No worries. 

Our expert designers will work their magic and come up with a creative, print-ready cover, so you can receive the finished book, fast and stress-free! 

Create and Introduce Your eBook to More Readers Worldwide! 

As every author already knows, distributing your eBook to major stores like Amazon, Barnes & Noble and more, is extremely important. 

We don’t want you to compromise your work’s success. This is why we are here to make your eBook available to a larger number of readers through the largest eBook distributors in the world: 


Barnes & Noble 


Baker & Taylor 

 eSentral 

 Gardner Books 


And remember: We understand Amazon. Publishing your life works to this seller doesn’t ensure success…With our long experience and partnership with affiliates to Amazon, we know EXACTLY what it takes to make you a successful author. 

Don’t tire yourself with all the back room, button pushing stuff! Let us take care of the small stuff, so you can focus only on your creativity! 

Are You Ready to Let Your Dreams Take Off? 

Contact Us Today and Let Us Discuss How We Can Help You Reach Your Goals!